the DIET rollercoaster STOPS here!


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ReFRESH Health & Wellness

Are you sick of dieting and hating your body like I was?  Than ReFRESH is for you!

This program is unlike any of the commercial diets you may have tried in the past because they treat the symptoms of overeating rather than the cause of it.  I am NOT going to help you to manage your desire to overeat, I WANT to help you eliminate it.

End the DIET drama once and for all!  Get the support you need in just 8 weeks you will…

Week 1 – Get to Know Youself and learn…

Week 2 – Eating Tools

Week 3 – Exercise Tools

Week 4 – Feeling Tools

Week 5 – Belief Tools

Week 6 – Thought Tools

Week 7 – Self-Care Tools

Week 8 – Future Focus Tools


  • 8 hours of coaching
  • Email support (excluding weekends)
  • Workbook and Food/Thought Journal
  • Brooke Castillo’s book “If I’m so Smart, Why Can’t I Lose Weight”

copyright © 2012. rise2it. All rights reserved.


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