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To much to do and can’t find the time? Simple ideas to help organize your priorities.

MANAGE YOUR TIME – Start With the Simple Things!

Posted by rise2it on November 22, 2011

Start by MASTERING the simple things in your life such as:

  • keep all receipts (so you know where your money goes)
  • put shoes away as soon as you get home
  • hang up your coat when you get home
  • set up areas for your belongings, money, keys, etc.
  • be on time for everything (5-10 minutes early is even better)

It is important to get organized – find out what works for you…

  • use a schedule template as a guide (I like Google Calendar because you can colour code it  www.google.com/calendar)
  • make your bed if you don’t already
  • put things away once you are finished with them
  • hang your keys up (this helps you not to lose them)
  • put shoes away so you are not tripping over them
  • hang clothes up

If things are neat and tidy you won’t feel like there is a pile of things to do.

Change “I have to” to “I choose to”

Successful people…

  • focus on WORK, LEARN, PLAY
  • do what’s hard and don’t complain


  • alarm goes off – GET UP
  • have a to do list and follow it (no more that 6 items at a time)
  • have someone give you a friendly reminder (use email, a friend, or family member)
  • be your own drill sgt. or get a trainer/coach (eg. 2 hrs sales calls M W F am – if you don’t do it you lose…eg. a large sum of money to the political party you don’t support)
  • have company come over so house gets cleaned (this really does work)

Clean Up / Completion / Deletion

  • file, don’t pile (when mail comes in or paper crosses your desk sort it right away)
  • dump anything that you don’t need, want or will do
  • do (get the small jobs done first then you feel like you have accomplished something unless you have a deadline)
  • delegate anything that doesn’t pay you what you are worth per hour

Reward Yourself

  • if lose weight, your reward could be $5 for every pound to go towards new clothes
  • workout 30 mins./day 3x/wk, start with 1 one day and add on (just get moving, that’s a reward in itself)

Please share your ideas to get started with the Simple Things!

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