RESULTS – Cleanse & Restore

Posted by rise2it on September 19, 2018

I’m quite happy with the overall changes that have occurred during the last 30 days.

  • I’ve gone from HIGH blood pressure to AT RISK with low blood pressure.
  • My resting pulse is still NORMAL.
  • My weight is down 15.6 lbs
  • My BMI is down 2.75
  • My Body Fat % is down 1.38%
  • Measurements have all reduced by over 1″ for most parts.

However, I feel like I’m slipping back into the DIET mentality and I don’t want that.

I made a commitment to myself at the beginning and I pretty much stuck by it:

01 Results

What commitments to you live by?


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DAY 30 – Cleanse & Restore

Posted by rise2it on September 17, 2018

This should be my last day however, I missed a day of supplements so I will be finished tomorrow.

Some days it seemed that this program was taking a long time and today it’s hard to believe it’s almost over.


I feel great, I’m noticing subtle changes and ready to continue my year of saying “YES” to my health! I am so done with yo-yo dieting.  This time it’s about me and the way I want to be and feel.

Learning to be kind to myself, accepting all of me just the way I am – no matter what and allowing myself to have FUN and ENJOY life!  The restrictions have been removed!

How are you enjoying life?

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DAY 29 – Cleanse & Restore

Posted by rise2it on September 12, 2018

As I was walking through the grocery store last night and passed the bulk candy I realized I’ve only had one CRAVING so far and that is for cheese. Particularly St. Albert’s curds and PC marble cheese.

The good thing is that dairy will be the first food group I will be reintroducing to my meal plan and monitoring for any intolerances.

However, I will still source great tasting dairy-free options! Love that Follow Your Heart shreds melt really well for pizza and  is great to top off tacos!

What are your favourite dairy-free cheeses?

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